Our People

SocialConsult currently has 39 employees, five of whom are international experts.

When it comes to core experience and expertise we offer:

*     14 specialists in Sociology and Economics

*     6 specialists in Anthropology and Ethnology

*     7 specialists in Environmental Science

The others are trained in Gender Issues, Law, Education, Psychology, Community Development, Drainage and Irrigation, Community Development, and are skilled in many languages.

Seven of our employees have Doctoral degrees, 16 have Master's degrees, and the remainders have BSc degrees.
Twenty-three staff members were trained overseas, mainly in the United States, Great Britain, and the Netherlands.
Eight have worked as resettlement consultants for the Asia Development Bank and the World Bank, five have been environmental consultants, seven are experienced ethnic minority development specialists, and four were gender consultants for programs and projects funded by ADB and WB in Indonesia, Thailand and Laos.

Taken altogether, this is a powerful combination of in-depth local, and national knowledge, plus a broad, and deep understanding of institutional structures, and of cultural, social, economic, and environmental challenges and concerns. It is coupled with extensive experience with international programs and project implementation. It is what enables SocialConsult to deliver the most advanced, world-class services consistently and on time.