Technical Capability

SocialConsult offers technical abilities that range across all the main social and environmental sectors:

SocialConsult's strength is best illustrated in the preparatory plans it has drawn up for Initial Environmental Examinations (IEE), Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and Environmental Management Plans (EMP). We can also provide environmental monitoring as well as community-based environmental planning, and develop interventions for major issues.

SocialConsult has collected and analyzed quantitative and qualitative data for social impact assessments of projects and developmental programs. We also provide studies and information for raising public awareness and for developing communication plans, and we can supply the experts to implement such projects.

SocialConsult has provided services for the Social Safeguard Policies of international funding agencies. This has included preparing inventories of losses (IOL), replacement cost surveys (RCS), socio-economic surveys (SES), and community consultation. We have drawn up resettlement policy frameworks (RF), resettlement plans (RP), and livelihoods restoration plans (LRP).  We have also conducted and prepared Resettlement Due Diligence Reports (RDDR), as well as put together reports on and monitored land acquisition, compensation, and assistance prior to, during, and after resettlement.

Ethnic Minorities and Gender: 
SocialConsult has provided a broad array of services that relate to preparing Ethnic Minority Development Frameworks (EMDF), Ethnic Minority Development Plans (EMDP) and Gender Action Plans (GAP). Further to this, we have implemented EMDPs and GAPs and undertaken external monitoring. Our experience also includes providing materials and training directed at awareness-raising for women and for ethnic minorities in various localities, and carrying out integrated activities to increase women's development.

With expriences and successes gained by handling services national-wide and in various sections ranging from energy, transport, urban upgrading and development, irrigartion and others, SocialConsult can provide consulting services on safeguards – including Social and Environmental Safegards – with highest service quality as required by the Government and funding/development agencies.