Survey and assessment of land acquisition, compensation and assistance

•    Investigate impacts by acquisition of land and non-land assets

•    Conduct socio-economic survey on project affected groups. 

•    Conduct survey on replacement cost for types of affected assets to identify basis for compensation level

•    Conduct consultation with affected persons, representatives of local authorities and relevant stakeholders.  

•    Prepare Resettlement Plan (RP) (summary of negative impacts and acquisition of assets; census results and social assessment; criteria for compensation entitlements; Resettlement Action Plan: identifying suitability and selecting location, relocation option, consultation with affected persons; income restoration measures, analyzing feasibility of any restoration program including compensation in form of land to collective, training demand of affected persons in the context of job opportunity and market demand, approach to credit and assistance for small enterprises for affected persons who are interested in small enterprises development; institutional arrangements for financial assistance policies and management of income restoration programs; participating in consultation, disclosure of information and grievance redress mechanism; establish administration and training plans for capacity enhancement if necessary; 

•    Monitor RP (list key performance indicator, institutional responsibilities and procedures for external monitoring of project; content and frequency of monitoring reports; Propose cost and schedule for implementation) 

•    Consider conformity of plan with requirements of sponsors and submit plan to sponsors for appraisal and approval;